Package assembly services

Is time spent assembling packaging holding up your production line?

Orders sitting waiting for packaging to be put together before filling?

Not enough room line side on your production floor to assemble a pack?

Save time and make your picking and packing more efficient with pre-assembled packaging. Our just-in-time service delivers direct to your facility pre-assembled – just fill with product/s and ship.

Why choose EPS for your package assembly service?

At EPS, we can provide a wide range of packaging custom-designed to fit your products. With pre-assembly, your packaging arrives in pristine condition directly from us, ready to use the moment it arrives.

  • Custom-designed
  • No storage or cross-provider transport, so it arrives in prime condition
  • Multi-material assemblies all from one provider
  • Die-cuts, inserts and multi-layers
  • Just-in-time delivery for reduced storage
  • Fast turn-around times
  • Small runs a specialty
  • Frees up storage space in your warehouse
  • Inventory management option available

Our packaging assembly is ideal for any type of packaging, including:

  • Assembly of flat-packed cardboard boxes
  • Addition of die-cuts and dividers
  • Multi-material inserts such as foam dividers, thermoform blocks and insulation
  • Specialist packaging for delicate items such as glass and electronics
  • Promotional packs and gift sets with multiple elements

Not sure if we can help?

Contact us at EPS to discuss your pre-assembled packaging requirements or any other packaging problem!