Expert Packaging Services

At EPS, we do much more than just providing packaging. We offer a range of services to help solve your packing and distribution problems. We can take on the work of managing your packaging, assembling packaging to your specific requirements and co-packaging your products into POS ready units.

Our design team are an integral part of our services too, offering a high level of expertise to create innovative, space-saving and attractive packaging for almost any product, from auto parts to zip lock bags! Our team thrive on the challenge of creating the optimum packaging solutions for your products using state of the art design software and years of production experience.

Packaging Inventory Management

Professional, just-in-time management of your packaging inventory. Free up valuable space in your warehouse, lower costs and reduce the admin burden of constantly checking and ordering.

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You supply the product, we do the packing! As your trusted contract packer, our team will help streamline and optimize the packing and delivery of your products large or small.

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Package assembly

Your packaging can often take longer to assemble than it actually takes to fill! Our team can pre-assemble all kinds of packaging, from flat-packed cardboard and paper to multi-part and multiple substrate assemblies with insets, die-cuts, trays, multiple layers and more.

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One-stop design and manufacture

Great packaging starts with our in-house design team. Their expertise ensure we are a competitive, cost-effective and innovative complete packaging provider from design to production.

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