Automotive thermoform packaging

Need to save money on your automotive plastic packaging for auto parts without compromising on strength and protection?

Our custom-made thermoformed packaging solutions for automotive manufacturers are as durable as injection-moulded packaging but at a fraction of the set-up/tooling costs. So you can ship your spares and new components alike securely to your customers in the next city, in Canada or across the world

Why choose thermoform packaging from EPS?

  • Robust, reusable/returnable and recyclable
  • Product can nest, increasing your return ratio which reduces shipping cost over the life of a program.
  • Available in various gauges
  • Lower tooling / set up costs
  • Single-sheet and twin-sheet thermoforming available
  • 100% recyclable PET and HDPE thermoforms
  • Offers exceptional clarity, stackability and product protection
  • Recommended for packaging large or heavy items
  • Ideal for packaging for shipping loops or in-house processing

Custom-made thermoform packing

Custom-made thermoform packing costs less to set up, making it a cost-effective and sustainable solution for all your returnable packaging and WIP packaging requirements.

Thermoform products can be used for a wide range of products, from light weather stripping for door seals up to full engine blocks and transmissions. Thermoform is also commonly used for battery trays for EV cars and other electric vehicles.

All our custom-made PET and HDPE thermoformed packaging is 100% recyclable, for an eco-friendly solution to both your returnable and expendable packaging needs.

Single-sheet and twin-sheet thermoforming: the differences

Thermoforming is ideal for packaging irregular-shaped parts that need a durable packaging solution.

  • Single-sheet thermoforming is used to make single layer packaging that is custom-molded to your requirements.
  • Twin-sheet thermoforming is used to create a more robust and durable double layer packaging by mating two plastic sheets into one extra-strong packaging layer.

Not seeing what you require?

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