Custom automotive packaging from EPS

You design and manufacture the best automotive parts for your customers. They need to arrive in the best condition possible for your assembly lines, your partners and your customers. So why risk shipping them in anything but top-quality, robust, customized packaging.

At EPS, we design and build cost-effective automotive packaging to your specific requirements without compromise.

We can create protective packaging for all sizes, shapes and requirements of automotive parts for safe and secure shipping anywhere in North America and beyond. From custom packaging for the smallest component to large format returnable packaging, we partner with you to provide packaging to significantly reduce waste and packaging storage requirements.

EPP & EPE packaging

Customized Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) trays, totes and inserts plus Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) custom-formed packaging for your entire range of automotive parts.

Thermoform packaging

Thermoform custom molded packaging, designed for the perfect fit for your automotive parts, and available in various gauges.

Corrugated plastic packaging

Strong and versatile, our range of custom corrugated plastic packaging for automotive manufacturers includes totes and trays for robust protection without the weight.

Expendable packaging

Cost-effective, single-use packaging including corrugated boxes, die cuts and partitions for shipping automotive parts. Includes our eco-friendly (environmentally friendly) recyclable paper and cardboard packaging.

Not quite sure what’s best for shipping your auto parts?

Contact us to discuss your automotive part packaging requirements with our experienced team. We’re happy to help.

Why choose EPS for your customized automotive packaging

EPS has been providing automotive packaging for over 15 years. We specialize in plastic, cardboard and paper packaging that fits your automotive parts based on your full scope of work.

Our customers like our “can do” attitude when it comes to providing just-in-time creation and delivery of packaging. So that you’re not sitting on stockpiles of packaging you don’t need, we supply the packaging you do need right when you need it.